During these times who wouldn’t want to be able to have some extra cash to look forward to. And with the rising cost of living, even saving just a little these days seems almost impossible.


WelcOme to HER 5000 ChalLenge


Whether you save in Dollars, Rands, Euros or Pounds, doing the same trick will get you 5000 in the same time. For the purpose of this post, we will be explaining this challenge using Rands.




First, get a box of 100 paper envelopes. Then label each one from one to 100, and shuffle them up. Twice a week you have to draw out one envelope at random and put the corresponding amount of cash inside. So if you pull out envelope number 62, you put R62 in the envelope, and if you pull out an envelope labelled number 12, you put in R12 in the envelope.


By the end of the challenge, there will be a total of R5000 in the envelopes.

Remember for this to work, you have to diligent about doing it twice every week for 12 months.


Apart from the money that you will have after the 12 months, the challenge might also help you realise that you do have money but you seem to rather spend it without thinking. Or if you’re the type that needs a challenge with an element of chance to get you excited about saving and keep you committed to achieving your savings goal, then this is definitely for you.


So stay strong and make sure you don’t go digging around in the envelopes for cash midway through the challenge. Only deposit cash into the envelopes and don’t take it out until the end.

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