Let's Run


  • If running is new to you, start slowly with a run/walk program and slowly work up to just running.


  • Make sure you warm up before your run and cool-down afterwards.

  • Starts off at a very modest pace, 12-minute-mile (1.6km).


  • Try running 5km 2-3 days a week


  • Keep a tall posture.

  • Head over shoulders and looking forward.

  • Shoulders relaxed and over your hips.

  • Your hips should be over your mid-foot.

  • Keep your hands at waist level.

Cross training

  • Strength training – use weights or your body weight to increase your strength.

  • Cycle, swim or join a fitness classes.

  • Core workouts pilates or yoga.


  • Keep your body flexible.

  • Stretch before and after your run.

Enjoy running

  • Great cardio workout.

  • Helps to lose weight.

  • Catch up with friends on the run.

  • Savour the endorphins of a runner’s high.

Don’t compare

  • Yourself to others or your younger self.

  • Focus on the present and doing the best that you can right now.

  • Embrace running as a new habit

Run safe

  • Run on sidewalks where possible. If running on streets, always face oncoming traffic.

  • Avoid running after dark. If you choose to do so, run on well-lit streets wear reflective accessories and light-coloured clothing, carry a flashlight, a whistle, and a cell phone.

  • Run with a mission. Try to look like you know where you are going.

  • In case you are attacked, yell "FIRE!" instead of "Help". People will respond to you more readily if they hear "FIRE!"

  • Try to let someone know where and when you will be running, so they know your whereabouts and when to expect you back.

  • Run in groups or join Run Walk for Life

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