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Attention Advertising Agencies

we all know mentoring is a tough task. BUT WE

Your Trainees are cOming - Finding staff to teach, mentor and train them is even harder.

I worked in ops and production for 35 years, but my best job at the agency was running the intern training program. We taught the fundamentals and basics of the agency world, which gave the trainees an understanding of the agency world, enabling them to be more productive, happy employees and a understand of their role in the agency.

I have been out the industry for two years and so many people that I worked with, still phone me. Either for advice on various systems, procedures or to pick my brain on many years of advertising knowledge and experience. It has been so amazing to see my trainees grow and thrive in their careers and become integral members of their companies.

I want to help you find the same ease and success with your Trainees so they can increase their understanding and knowledge of the agency world. This will keep them engaged in learning and grounded so they can grow as future leaders in your organisation.

Looking back, I know I should have done this full time. So, after a 2-year sabbatical I am creating a Training Programmes specifically for Advertising Agencies.


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